NASA astronomers showed the fog to the North of Jupiter

By Natasha Kumaron in Sciense

No longer too lengthy within the past consultants of space Agency NASA, generally conducting research within the southern areas of Jupiter, became as soon as subjected to see numerous areas. The closing pictures enthusiastic on the spacecraft “Juno”, allowed to title the fog on the planet.

As became as soon as reported by astronomers, identical to a pure phenomenon, it became as soon as printed on 17 February from a distance of 15.6 thousand miles from the outside of Jupiter. Within the intervening time, scientists are not but ready to philosophize on the constructing and mechanism of formations esteem the “haze” on the planet.

It is great that the photo referred to the mist resembles the living of some lengthy and thin strips. It is reported that beforehand, such bands had been noticed by NASA consultants on Jupiter in 2016 with an attractive orderly approximation to that object in space.

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