Milk vs. Curd: Which is a more match dairy product?

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01/4Milk vs. Curd: Which is a more match dairy product?

For all those other folks who adore dairy products, picking between milk and curd also can very smartly be a laborious replacement. A glass of milk would possibly per chance presumably gape dazzling, but so does a bowl of curd. Whereas you delight in milk and curd step by step, it’s seemingly you’ll presumably presumably even fetch thought which one in every of them is a more match dairy product. Every milk and curd fetch their very relish health advantages which would be extra explained down below.



There are limitless styles of milk on hand within the market, starting from full cream, soy milk, single toned to flavored milk and double toned milk. Milk is smartly-known to form healthy bones and help a take a look at on high blood strain which potential of the potassium state material in it. Listed below are the nutrient properties prove in milk, which will allow you to study between milk and curd:

  • On a median 250 ml of full free milk comprises 90 energy and 9 gm of protein.
  • A full free cup of milk comprises 8% food regimen-B12 and a pair of% food regimen A.
  • A cup of full free milk has around 12% calcium, 1% sodium, 2% magnesium and 4% potassium.



Comparable to milk, curd too has several variants akin to full free curd, flavored curd and heaps others. With its distinctive model and texture, curd would possibly per chance presumably additionally be eaten both in conjunction with meals or even one after the other. Curd is less complicated to digest as when compared to milk and keeps you full for long. Crammed with actual micro organism, curd helps in cleaning the digestive tract and also keeps infections at bay. Listed below are its nutrient properties.

  • A cup of full free curd would possibly per chance presumably fetch over 98 energy and 11 g of protein.
  • Being a wealthy source of Nutritional vitamins, a cup of full free curd comprises Nutritional vitamins in same quantity as that in milk, which is 8% food regimen-B12 and a pair of% food regimen A.
  • Evaluating diverse properties, a cup of full free curd has around 8% calcium, 15% sodium, 2% magnesium and a pair of% potassium.


04/4Milk or Curd?

Despite the indisputable fact that there would possibly per chance be not mighty incompatibility between milk and curd’s dietary value, curd serene has an edge over milk. With its distinctive properties of conserving gut healthy and preventing infections, curd will likely be more uncomplicated to digest as when compared to milk. That you can too form each and every of them a fraction of your every day food regimen, in expose to execute more advantages.

Folk plagued by bloating, constipation, arthritis, bronchial asthma ought to e book definite of curd and persist with milk. Smaller kids ought to be given each and every, milk and curd, as they’re at a growing stage and require each and every the dairy products.


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