“This Is No longer My Job!”

Khabib Nurmagomedov has had it with the fingers being pointed at him for “backing out of” UFC 249. In a present interview with ESPN’s Bret Okamoto, Khabib expressed his frustration regarding the ability he is being blamed for the fifth canceled combat between him and Tony Ferguson.

The Eagle had left the US amid rising instances of COVID-19. He traveled to Abu Dhabi, from the set aside he extra went on to Dagestan, Russia. Soon after he reached, Russia positioned hurry bans and closed its borders owing to the frequent pandemic.

Thus, he is now stuck in his nation. And whereas folks shield up for that the UFC will one design or the other tell him support, Khabib is now not ready to undergo the effort. First, he says he wishes to be there for his family. 2d, the UFC has now not but decided on a living for UFC 249. Thus, he finds it pointless to hurry to a living the set aside he’ll not within the extinguish combat.

He said,

“Every thing [that] took living, all people knows. I’m in a position to’t management this! Love I said earlier than, my title is Khabib. I am now not Coronavirus. I don’t realize these folks. Love, here is now not my mistake. Coronavirus [came] to us. I [didn’t] tell Coronavirus. That is now not my job!”

Khabib Nurmagomedov blames “unprofessional” UFC for chaos revolving around UFC 249

Carrying on with the interview, Khabib clarified that the total lot transpiring is utterly out of his palms.

In his protection, he made some genuine strategies. For starters, he is the champion. Any combat that he takes fragment in, he affords with it with vulgar dedication and self-discipline.

Thus, in a legacy combat with likely one in every of his toughest opponents ever, he can now not compromise with coaching. He said that with the UFC continuing to withhold the opponents at heart of the evening regarding the positioning of the tournament, there might be nothing he can carry out. He requires a chunk respiration living whereby he can hurry to the positioning effectively in time, gain acclimatized, set aside away with the jet-drag, practice effectively within the last few hours, and accomplish his efficiency.

On the different hand, due to the the pandemic, UFC has tranquil now not decided on a living. And Khabib Nurmagomedov is now not soft with the reality that he is the one going thru the fireplace for it. He said, “That is now not a typical combat. 16 days earlier than the combat, I carry out now not know the positioning. What’s this?! That is now not official.”

Yet, he stated that if the UFC had been to present him the positioning moral now, he’ll manufacture an appearance for UFC 249 on 18 April.

Perform you watched Dana White will be in a living to drag an discontinue-moment miracle?

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