Sidharth Shukla talks about how being locked in the Bigg Boss dwelling is various from this lockdown : Bollywood Recordsdata

Sidharth Shukla came out as a clear winner of Bigg Boss 13 and is restful certainly one of essentially the most talked-about tv celebrities even after the show resulted in the case of two months prior to now. He has been making it a demonstrate exercise more time along with his family and wait on his mom out in chores in the course of this lockdown. He modified into also locked in for 3-4 months in Bigg Boss house with fully no contact with the start air world. He no longer too lengthy prior to now spoke about how staying in the Bigg Boss dwelling is various than being at house in the course of this nationwide lockdown.

He talked about, “I comprise been at house with family.  When locked in the Bigg Boss house we were locked up with strangers however this time spherical its with family participants.  It’s large catching up on conversations, helping out mom in the kitchen (one thing she had always wanted me to realize which I will be able to now as a result of Bigg Boss) and catching up on shows together.  I am staying indoors and we’re guaranteeing we’re declaring upright hygiene and maintaining our immunity up.”

The channel has now began reruns of Bigg Boss 13 since there are no longer any new episodes of tv shows.

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