July 4, 2022

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We all believe in the phrase “health is wealth.” If you are not healthy physically and mentally, it will make you weak and hamper your professional life. Even after a minor headache, we want to go back to our homes and rest. However, we forget that our surroundings play a crucial role in shaping our mental and physical health.
Vastu is the bridge between the natural surroundings and us. Vastu consists of all the five elements of nature and balances them in our homes for better and safe living. Sometimes even the paint on the wall can impact the person’s health; in order to stay healthy and wealthy, here are few Vastu tips-
1. Always light a diya or candle in the Northeast direction of your home. If you light them on your front door or main gate, make sure they are pointed outwards.

2. Face the North or East direction while working or studying to stay away from stress and anxiety.
3. Do not construct toilets or stairs facing the Northeast of your house. If your bathroom faces this direction, it will bring bad health and a lack of money-related matters.
4. Don’t place a mirror in front of your main door or entrance as it attracts terrible omen.
1. Indoor plants are a great source of maintaining a calm and pure vibration in your homes—plant basil or tulsi in your garden to promote good health and anxiety-free life.
2. You can also place a small lavender plant in your bedroom for a sound sleep as it the best natural stress reliever.
3. Opt for rosemary and spider plants if you are having high blood pressure or facing financial issues.
1. The master bedroom is our sanctuary, so it plays a massive role in deciding the energy of our homes. Make your bedroom is in the Southwest direction; it will ensure stability both mentally and physically. Never face your bedroom in the Northeast direction as it will guide the evil spirits directly to your home as per Vastu.
2. Sleep with your head in the South direction as it will help you have a relaxing and peaceful sleep.
3. Don’t opt for storage in beds or beds with irregular shapes; it will hamper your mental health. Simply go for a wooden low frame bed.
4. Never place your bed in alignment with the bathroom wall or door; it will make all the negative energies gather in your bedroom.
1. Food is the essential element that keeps a living being healthy. The Southwest direction is best suited for your kitchen.
2. Sometimes we can’t change the direction of the kitchen, then place your stove in the East order to please the God of Fire.
3. Never place the kitchen and bathroom in the same wall frame.
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