August 10, 2022

Health Tips: If You Don't Like Milk, Consume These Foods To Get Your Calcium Intake – ABP Live


By: ABP News Bureau | Updated : 19 Aug 2021 08:02 PM (IST)

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What to Eat to get Calcium: Milk is rich in calcium. But some people don’t like milk, due to various reasons. It can prove detrimental to your health, as non-consumption of milk can lead to calcium and other nutrient deficiencies in the body.
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You might feel the impact of the deficiencies as you get older. However, you need not worry. There are many foods that can substitute milk to fulfill your body’s daily need for calcium. Here are foods that can help replace milk as your daily source of calcium:

Beans not only contain calcium but also have a lot of protein. In such a situation, beans are a suitable substitute for you. You can steam them or add them to a salad.
Do you know that bananas could be a major source of calcium for our body? One banana contains one mg of Calcium.
Although Oranges are considered to be the best source of vitamin C, did you know that oranges are not only rich in vitamin C but also have a much higher amount of calcium compared to other fruits? So oranges can also be a good substitute.
Cottage Cheese:
If you are not lactose intolerant and don’t prefer to consume milk out of choice, then Paneer is a good calcium substitute for you. Calcium deficiency can also be overcome by eating paneer (cottage cheese). 130 mg of calcium is found in 1 bowl of cottage cheese (paneer).
White Sesame:
Protein balls made with white sesame laddoos are quite popular in millenials today, you can consume two of these every day to get your daily fix of calcium.
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